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Products & Services

A modest IT Services consultancy, we pride ourselves in the handpicked, need-based solutions that we are capable to provide. We strive to work with our clients to examine their use-case and needs to provide best possible solutions to fit their needs.

Data Backup and Security

We provide our customers with the fastest yet heavily secure and integrated solutions from our partnership with Acronis, the best available backup and security platform in the market. Acronis' varied data services such as secure file transfer, ransomware protection, Notary Services, etc. gives it an edge over the traditional tools widely available elsewhere.

PC/Endpoint Security

We have partnered with Malwarebytes, the leading anti malware solution provider around the globe. Malwarebytes' products products protects devices around the world from over 8Million threats Every Day, ensuring systems security globally

Enterprise VPN

Secure your organizational internet traffic with an enterprise-grade IPSec VPN with a Dedicated IP, optional firewall as well as malicious content blockers. Contact us now to secure your team's internet traffic for good.